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Life changes. In an instant. One moment, it seems as tho everything is going your way, and then, just like that, it goes another. I'd spent so long a time revelling in my perfect life, that I'd gotten lazy so when the change happened, I was completely unprepared. Everything had gone so well at first. I and the other lionesses had a good, strong king to rule Pride Rock, altho there were some of the pride who just didn't know what was best for them. Sarabi for one, Nala for another. There were others, but those were the most ungrateful. Not like myself. I had good reason to be grateful to Scar. Not only for his power and kingly bearing, and giving us a good place to live, but also for his generosity. You see, not all of my cubs were sired by Scar. My first two cubs were; there was Nuka, who was a real disappointment from day one. I couldn't possibly see Scar ever granting him the glory of being his heir, but it seemed as tho Nuka was my only hope. Well, there was Vitani, my daughter, but I hoped for a different role for her. She was very good at spying out how the land lay, and informing myself and the other loyal lionesses about dissent among the troublemakers, those lionesses who still hoped that an usurper would come and take over the pride. In any case, sad tho it was, Scar had no intention of naming a female successor, no matter how good Vitani was and I had given up all hope for any of my cubs to be named his heir, til one day, when the loner appeared.

His name was Licha, and he was a lone lion. That is to say, a lion without a pride, who wandered from place to place looking for somewhere to call home. Of course, there was no chance of Licha ever settling down in the Pridelands. We already had a king here, and Scar would not permit any lion to stay here for long. Licha only stayed in the area for a day and a night, but that was long enough. I watched him leave afterwards, with a pang in my heart which I quickly silenced. There was no place for such selfishness in my life. All I wished for was to breed a cub who would be brave, strong and powerful enough to become Scar's heir, and I hoped that my wish would be granted after my meeting with Licha. As it happened, it was touch and go. Of course, I confessed to Scar that the cub I was carrying was not his, and his response was such that he would wait and see til the cub was born, and then decide whether or not to let it live. If the cub was female, or a weak male, then their life would be forfeit. Every day that I and the other lionesses in my group went to hunt, I wished with all my heart that I would have bred a worthy successor to Scar. Of course, the traitor lionesses did not make as much effort hunting for food as we did. We would often go out from dawn til dusk, searching for meat. They simply sat about, mourning Mufasa and Simba, and didn't make an effort to try and keep the pride going. As well as the pride to hunt for, there were the hyenas. I didn't much care for them, but Scar had chosen them as his army, so I put up with them.

The day came at last, when my cub was born. The birth was difficult and at times, I thought that surely I could not survive such agony, like being torn in two pieces. Malaya, my closest friend and allie, stayed by my side the whole time. I could count on her, as I could not count on Sarabi and the others who followed her. Altho at least that whiny young lioness Nala had left the pride. I was glad about that; it was one less mouth to feed, and one less lazy lioness to sit around instead of joining with us who were loyal to Scar. Eventually, my cub was born. He was not like Nuka at all. My new cub was strong, even at birth; he stood on his feet at once which I felt was a good sign for his future. I named him Kovu and took him to Scar. My king approved of the new cub that I had birthed, and named Kovu as his successor over his natural son, citing that Nuka was a weakling and not deserving of the honour of being king after Scar. Words cannot describe the joy I felt. I no longer had to struggle; my future was made. Or, so I thought. I was not to know as I lay in the cave with my little Kovu, savouring my triumph and recovering from the difficult birth, how different my future would be from what I foresaw at that moment.

You all know of which I speak. Simba was not dead after all, as we all thought, but alive. He fought Scar, and treacherously murdered him without reason and without mercy. I, Malaya and the others of my group were outraged, but we could do nothing as we were outnumbered by the traitorous lionesses who rallied around Simba at once. I would have torn his throat out at once had I been strong enough, but I was still weakened from the birth and could only rest and nurse my hatred. I did not think that I could feel more hatred for Simba, and Nala who'd returned with him, than I did at that moment, but I was wrong. Nala gave birth to a male cub soon after Simba had usurped Scar's kingdom and the brat was presented to that very kingdom as the future king. His name was Kopa, and the moment I laid eyes on him, I hated him. This creature was stealing my son Kovu's birthright, and I swore that he would suffer for it. I would punish Simba for taking away the future kingship from my cub, pawchosen by Scar himself, and I would make him hurt just as much as I was hurting right now. I would die a happy lioness if only I could revenge myself on that brute for his crimes.

Of course, I did not act straight away. I had to build up my strength, and also, I needed to choose the perfect moment. At first, Nala didn't leave Kopa unattended at all. She seemed to sense my feelings towards her little brat, and would not leave him alone in the cave. I sat and brooded over my troubles as I watched the two together. Kopa was nowhere near as strong and powerful as my Kovu was, despite the fact that they only had a few days between them. He would make a terrible king and I thought to myself that once my plan had succeeded, that would never come to pass. My chance finally came when Nala retired to birth another cub. I left her alone, as I figured that if she birthed another male cub, I could deal with that brat just as easily as I could with this one. I cornered Kopa outside against the side of Pride Rock, and I ripped his throat out. Revenge was even sweeter than I had dreamed. I did not know, in my moment of triumph, that little spy Zazu was watching me as I killed Kopa. Had I known that, he would not have left that place alive. I did not, so I walked back to the cave, where Malaya was watching Kovu. Nala's birth was easier than she deserved, and her cub was a female. This, I thought, left the kingship wide open for Kovu.

I thought wrong. As soon as Simba learned from Zazu what I had done, he ordered that I be exiled. I turned and snarled at him, saying that if he thought that I would ever forget this, he was wrong. He replied that I would go alone from Pride Rock and there would be no more killings. I simply laughed. I knew full well that I would not be going alone, and this was proven straight away when my cubs, Nuka, Vitani and Kovu, came and stood by my side. Simba was shocked at first, but then he laughed. Of course my cubs would go with me, he hadn't meant that they would have to stay behind. But none of the other lionesses would leave with me, he was sure. He was wrong. Malaya stood up and openly faced down Simba as she said that she at least was loyal to me, and to Scar, and that the others who still followed Scar would make sure that I didn't leave alone. The group of lionesses who like me, still were loyal to the true king of Pride Rock, moved as one with Malaya as she came and stood next to me. Without another word, I turned and led my pride across the Pridelands, towards the Outlands which would be where I would make my new home.

Simba shouldn't count on the fact that with I and my pride gone from Pride Rock, that he and his treacherous lionesses would be safe from reprisals. My revenge was still only half served. I would see Kovu as king of Pride Rock, and I would see Simba writhing in his death throes in the dust as Nala howled in misery. I don't care how long I have to wait, I will one day have vengence. As Scar once said about Mufasa... Simba should not turn his back on me.
This is basically a short one-shot fanfiction about why Zira was exiled from Pride Rock by Simba. It explains also who Kovu's father was, and why Scar chose him to be his heir. Also, it goes some way to explaining why Simba was always so protective of Kiara.

Mufasa, Scar, Simba, Sarabi, Nala, Zazu, Zira, Nuka, Vitani and Kovu all belong to Disney.

Licha and Malaya both belong to me.

Not sure who Kopa belongs to, but probably Disney. XD
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